Friday, February 26, 2010

Girls Weekend

One of my dearest friends is coming to visit me this weekend! Her and I are both due for a girls weekend so I am beyond giddy for the fun that awaits! Wine, manicures, shopping, yummy food, endless laughter and most of all enjoying each others company!

{image here}

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lunch in Paris

I can't wait to start reading my new book. Its called Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard. If only tomorrow I would be the one sitting on a cobble street, in a french cafe embracing a new life adventure!

What I'm Loving this Week

Loving these adorable clutch purses from Davie and Chlyo. Not only are they beautiful, they are one of a kind, girly, romantic, and plus every once in awhile its fun to have a new accessory to take out when grabbing wine with the girlies!

I love them all and most designs can be customized!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coffee and Books

Tonight is our monthly book club meeting and we are meeting at my favorite little coffee shop called the Coffee Shop! Isn't it so oh so cozy and inviting?

photos via

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gets me every time...

I love dazey chic's work and no matter what kind of mood I am in this quote always makes me smile.

{via dazeychic}

Monday, February 22, 2010

Time and Love

It seems as if moments in life fly by and other times it feels as if the future has been put on hold. Sometimes, it would be nice to know what tomorrow holds or even what life will be like in six months. Will I be faced with doubt, new challenges, or new memories? One thing I know no matter what challenges one is faced with, at the end of the day there will alway be love. tomorrow. next week. one month. six months. always. there will be love as love never expires.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Candy

I gave up candy for lent. I am two days in with 38 more days to go! I am not a big candy bar/ chocolate person but give me something sweet and most certainly sugary and I am like a lost kid in Willy Wonka land! In the meantime, I will have to get my candy fix by admiring these photos.






Does anyone else have a love for candy? If so, what is your favorite candy or what was your favorite candy when you were a kid? Mine was definitely the candy necklaces!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nautical Wear

and here is the perfect outfit to wear to the nautical dinner party I posted about earlier

What I'm Loving this Week

I love the idea of throwing a nautical theme dinner party. With spring approaching I think it would make a lovely theme.

Here is what I heart for such a gathering

the perfect invite

matching place cards {would also make cute dessert labels}

heart these anchor water labels

heart these anchor place cards

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Paper doll Cards

When I was little I loved playing with paper dolls {Barbies were my favorite with paper dolls being my second favorite} so when I came across this paper doll stationary it instantly reminded me of the days when I would get to pick out a toy from the grocery store. And any guesses what that toy may be??? Paper dolls.

oh to go back and be a child again. Those were the days....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When you just want to escape

Do any of you ever feel like you just want to run away from it all and from everyone around you? I'm kinda in that mood at this very moment. When I was here in October '09 {Paris} I felt so alive and in some ways it felt like home.

{view from our apartment in the Marais district}

{Marais district}

{could not get enough of those Metro signs}

{another Metro sign- those signs were one of my favorite parts of the city}

I wish I could wake up tomorrow and have these views. After all I did leave a part of my heart there.

Spring Time Wear

I really need some new clothes, okay perhaps more so want but there is a tad bit of need in there!
Here are some tops I am adoring at the moment

{image via j.crew}
love the detailing on this cardigan

{image via j.crew}
its a cardi with ruffles need I say more

{image via j.crew}

{image via j.crew}
I love the scallop neckline and I have been wanting this top for awhile. I think I may treat myself to this top when I go shopping with one of my best friends who will be visiting me in two weeks!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Scenes from the Weekend

delicious food + gorgeous 70 degree weather + vino in the park = a wonderful day

our yummy breakfast that I made for my husband which consisted of chocolate croissants. Thank you Trader Joes as I wasn't able to fly to St. Barths and bring any back. It was during our honeymoon when I fell in love with these so it was only appropriate to have breakfast with my Valentine enjoying something we both love.

the homemade Valentine Card I made and the nerd picture was my husband's gift.
Perfect for my "enginerd"

our delicious sandwiches

vino and french cookies in the park = pure bliss

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

How many ways.....





Hope you all have a wonderful weekend by being with those you love!xo

Thursday, February 11, 2010

all you need is some glitter and love

This week at school {I am a school social worker} my groups have been making Valentines that show what love means to them.. without further ado love is....

1. Love is caring
2. Love is awesome
3. Love is cind {yes spelling is correct}
4. Love is family and kisses
5. Love is joy
6. Love is peace
7. Love is beautiful. It makes the world go round
8. Love is special
9. Love is good for everyone
10. Love is liking somebody {love this one}
11. Love is great

and to think this is what love means to amongst the little ones. See why I adore my job?

Library Love Notes

The perfect Valentine for the book lovey in your life!

{via craft pantry}- unfortunately item is sold out

Speaking of libraries I had a book on hold that I needed to pick up last night. Well, I not only picked up a book but I also managed to pick up an orange construction cone. I am a magnet when it comes to cones and garbage cans. I had seen a cone sitting in the parking spot next to me when I parked but when I backed out of my parking space I did not have much room. I didn't pay attention and when I put my car in drive I apparently took the cone with me. I didn't realize it until I started driving. I stopped my car, ran out to take a look, and sure enough there was an orange cone being dragged underneath my car. I am like " I am going to get this pulled out." Along comes this handsome fellow (is that wrong for a married lady to say?Ha) and of course I am parked in front of his car so I have now blocked him in his spot. Creating quite the scene when all I wanted to do was grab a book and go! Well, this man was a gentleman and pulled the cone out from underneath my car. I was pretty embarrassed but at least I can laugh at myself as I am still giggling as I write this.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Je t'aime

Kim from the TomKat Studio has created the most adorable Valentines Day mini party notecards! For those who are new to my blog {big welcome} you will or may have realized that this past year I traveled to Paris and I essentially left a piece of my heart there. When I saw Kim's newest Paris themed collection I immediately knew I had to share the collection with all of you. If you are not familiar with Kim's work please check out her shop! Trust will fall in love with it.

{My kind of cupcake}

{all you need for the sweetest party}

PS: Make sure you also check out her
blog if you haven't already seen it or follow it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Parisian Love Video

I know many of you have seen this video as it was featured during the Superbowl and it was being blasted on a lot of blogs yesterday, but this video simply melted my heart.

Love Letters

I spotted these lovely love letters over at hooray design via linea carta.
Not only are they perfect for Valentines Day but to receive one of these lovely cards on your wedding day, on a sentimental anniversary, or on a special birthday from the love of your life would also be ideal.

I couldn't image anything more lovely.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Decorating with Pink

After eating at this amazing restaurant this past weekend my love for pink decor has really been kicked into high gear. If only I could decorate a room with all things pink! In the meantime I will dream about these lovely pieces.

romantic sofa with the just the right touch of pink

loving this pink pattern

I adore this pink cable knit pillow

love these pink frames