Friday, February 6, 2015

Elle's Princess Tea Party

Hard to believe our little girl turned 4 in December! She is all about princesses, arts and crafts, reading, baking, picking out her own outfits, playing games, watching Curious George, and has a heart of gold. 

For her party this year she wanted a princess tea party and since we call her Elle Belle what better way than to send an invitation to Belle! 


Cake designed by Michelle's Patisserie

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Please Help a Family Fight Brain Cancer

Just days before Christmas our good friends and neighbors were given heartbreaking news. My friend Megan's husband Charlie found out he had a brain tumor and within a few days of being diagnosed with his tumor he underwent brain surgery.  The tumor is cancerous.  Stage 4 to be exact. The Dr's were not able to remove all of his tumor, so Charlie will be undergoing radiation and chemotherapy in the upcoming days. This is a very young family with three young boys. Charlie is the sole provider for his family as well.  As this could be your father, son, uncle, brother, but to be a young dad and husband is so very heartbreaking. Charlie, is so positive and with lots of prayers and with his determination I know he can fight this.

A medical expense fund has been set up to help this sweet family cover Charlie's medical expenses.If you pray, please keep this sweet family in Texas in your prayers, and if you are able to/ feel the call to help a family this new year any donation would be appreciated.
To read about Charlie's story please click on this link.

Thank You,

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tree Lighting and Holiday Tea's

This is such a magical time of year and even more so now that Elle is really understanding Christmas. The excitement she has over every baby Jesus and Santa she sees is so sweet. We enjoyed our weekend with going on our first carriage ride with some of our wonderful friends and taking in a tree lighting on Friday evening. On Saturday, we attended our first Teddy Bear Tea at the Four Seasons with a sweet friend from Preschool. Then, on Sunday we attended the Delta Gamma Legacy Holiday Tea event with another sweet friend. Attending the legacy tea has been one of my favorite things to do with Elle. So many sweet memories being made this year.

 We even dressed up bear bear for this special event. We were spoiled with hot cocoa, yummy treats, a story read to us by Santa, donating a bear to the Dells Childrens Hospital, and signing Christmas Carols. 
A special greeting from Santa!

Santa even came to check on the big girls at college!  

 All smiles and giggles at Legacy Tea. 

With various holiday events to attend this month I wanted a piece that would allow me to mix and match with various tops and this skirt has been the perfect addition to my closet.

Elle is wearing this dress and this dress (gray is no longer available)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Recap

Where is the fall going?  I can't believe Halloween is already over and in three weeks we will be celebrating Thanksgiving! I love this time of year and just wish it would slow down a bit. Between visiting several pumpkin patches, preschool Halloween fun, and having fun with our neighbors on Halloween and Elle really getting the whole trick or treat concept down this year we had a great Halloween!

We went to several pumpkin patches with my favorite place being 45 mins from Austin.
Pumpkin Patch Memories
2011 in Arizona at 10 months & 2012 in Texas at 1 1/2 years old

2013 at 2 1/2 years old

2014 at 3 1/2 years old

Elle is also all about fairies and princesses. I really wanted her to be Elsa for Halloween so I could dress up as Anna but she wouldn't go for it. In her mind she was Silvermist.

It is so fun to see the magic of Holidays thru a childs eyes again. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Motherhood Mondays: My Weekend Away

Last weekend I flew to MN for a girls weekend. 
Was so much fun being able to spend time with these girls whom we all met when we pledged Delta Gamma 16 years ago. 

 wine tasting at an apple orchard. 
So many memories with this great group of ladies. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Whiny Whiny Rhino Book Tour Review

Today I am hosting a book tour review on Whiny Whiny Rhino illustrated and written by McBoop. This children's read is the perfect read to help instill confidence in a child who finds themselves worrying about trying new things or simply getting them to believe in themselves.

Whiny Whiny Rhino has two big brothers who can do it all and just can't seem to understand why Whiny Whiny Rhino is always so afraid to try new things. With lots of encouragement from his friends and Whiny Whiny Rhino always feeling tired of having "boring" days he finally works up the courage to have fun. But, just how he builds up his courage will have you laughing and cheering on little Whiny Whiny Rhino!

available to purchase here

Thank you to IRead Book Tours for this opportunity.

Motherhood Mondays

Off to go shopping. Why, yes she accessorized and picked out her own shoes.