Thursday, January 15, 2015

Please Help a Family Fight Brain Cancer

Just days before Christmas our good friends and neighbors were given heartbreaking news. My friend Megan's husband Charlie found out he had a brain tumor and within a few days of being diagnosed with his tumor he underwent brain surgery.  The tumor is cancerous.  Stage 4 to be exact. The Dr's were not able to remove all of his tumor, so Charlie will be undergoing radiation and chemotherapy in the upcoming days. This is a very young family with three young boys. Charlie is the sole provider for his family as well.  As this could be your father, son, uncle, brother, but to be a young dad and husband is so very heartbreaking. Charlie, is so positive and with lots of prayers and with his determination I know he can fight this.

A medical expense fund has been set up to help this sweet family cover Charlie's medical expenses.If you pray, please keep this sweet family in Texas in your prayers, and if you are able to/ feel the call to help a family this new year any donation would be appreciated.
To read about Charlie's story please click on this link.

Thank You,