Thursday, March 26, 2015

Life Lately

I haven't been much into blogging these past few months. Some of it is I no longer have the passion like I used to and the other part is it really turns me off to constantly read about people who are only into blogging to promote themselves, feel the need to drive home how well off they are financially, being decked out in all designer wear, or highlighting their homes to the point where you feel live in a shack when I know I don't. You know what I mean. So, needless to say I have being cleaning up my reader list and my instagram feed. I maybe log onto reading blogs once a week, if that. Life is too short to let others make you feel bad about yourself so I have just been focusing on who and what makes me happy.

So proud of my baby girl for having such a great year in preschool. She can count to 100, knows several site words such as then, is, and, a, my, knows several prayers (she attends a Catholic preschool) and she loves to read. She decided the other day to do a little outside reading and have a tea party for herself.  Those with little girls I highly recommend Fancy Nancy books. They are a big hit in our home.

We are still doing gymnastics and dance each week and are looking forward to Elle's first dance recital in June. She loves to twirl but now that it is spring it means we kicked off our 2nd season of soccer! Wow, has she ever changed in one year when it came to soccer. The girl actually ran and kicked the ball around the field the other night vs last year when all she wanted to do was play in the dirt pile and drink her water.

Mastering an important life skill. She likes to "iron" with me. 

Elle and I attended a spring princess tea party a few weeks ago at the local high school. Princesses are Elle's world with Elsa and Ariel being her favorites. Chris and I are so excited for Dec where we will be spending 5 days at Walt Disney World for Elle's 5th Birthday! But, sshhh it's a surprise!

I still can't believe we are going! I always dreamed of going to DW as a child but my mom was too sick and that is all I wanted to do before she passed. So, this trip is going to be huge for me knowing I get to make this memory with my daughter.

My little shopping buddy with her new shoes! She had to wear them out of the store. Such a girl.

Just a princess in the woods. Our friends told us about a beautiful hiking/ nature trail. Was amazing and the best part it is only 15 mins from our house. We started our gorgeous hike with a picnic and then enjoyed the peace of rushing water. So many water falls along the way. There is even a little swimming hole where some kids were swimming. Elle did awesome as we hiked 3+miles.

Even though fall is my favorite season I am happy spring is here. It has been fun being able to play outside again, meet up with friends at the park, eating dinner outside, and getting in some long afternoon walks after work, and looking forward to my favorite holiday, Easter.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Elle's Princess Tea Party

Hard to believe our little girl turned 4 in December! She is all about princesses, arts and crafts, reading, baking, picking out her own outfits, playing games, watching Curious George, and has a heart of gold. 

For her party this year she wanted a princess tea party and since we call her Elle Belle what better way than to send an invitation to Belle! 


Cake designed by Michelle's Patisserie

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Please Help a Family Fight Brain Cancer

Just days before Christmas our good friends and neighbors were given heartbreaking news. My friend Megan's husband Charlie found out he had a brain tumor and within a few days of being diagnosed with his tumor he underwent brain surgery.  The tumor is cancerous.  Stage 4 to be exact. The Dr's were not able to remove all of his tumor, so Charlie will be undergoing radiation and chemotherapy in the upcoming days. This is a very young family with three young boys. Charlie is the sole provider for his family as well.  As this could be your father, son, uncle, brother, but to be a young dad and husband is so very heartbreaking. Charlie, is so positive and with lots of prayers and with his determination I know he can fight this.

A medical expense fund has been set up to help this sweet family cover Charlie's medical expenses.If you pray, please keep this sweet family in Texas in your prayers, and if you are able to/ feel the call to help a family this new year any donation would be appreciated.
To read about Charlie's story please click on this link.

Thank You,