Thursday, February 11, 2010

Library Love Notes

The perfect Valentine for the book lovey in your life!

{via craft pantry}- unfortunately item is sold out

Speaking of libraries I had a book on hold that I needed to pick up last night. Well, I not only picked up a book but I also managed to pick up an orange construction cone. I am a magnet when it comes to cones and garbage cans. I had seen a cone sitting in the parking spot next to me when I parked but when I backed out of my parking space I did not have much room. I didn't pay attention and when I put my car in drive I apparently took the cone with me. I didn't realize it until I started driving. I stopped my car, ran out to take a look, and sure enough there was an orange cone being dragged underneath my car. I am like " I am going to get this pulled out." Along comes this handsome fellow (is that wrong for a married lady to say?Ha) and of course I am parked in front of his car so I have now blocked him in his spot. Creating quite the scene when all I wanted to do was grab a book and go! Well, this man was a gentleman and pulled the cone out from underneath my car. I was pretty embarrassed but at least I can laugh at myself as I am still giggling as I write this.


  1. what a cute little card.

    ps. that story made me laugh, apparently the cone wanted a ride home with you!

  2. Those are awesome. :)

    We totally need to check out the library when I am there I guess!! :) Loved that story - totally made me giggle when I got your voice message!