Thursday, January 27, 2011

Upcoming Celebrations

I am getting giddy for several reasons today:

Miss E had a wonderful week and we have hit the magic 6 week mark where everyone says it gets easier from here.. sleep wise that is! I sure hope so, though I can't complain as she is becoming a good sleeper. Now if we can only get her tummy and gas issues under control as that "fussy hour" is not so fun.

One of my good friends flew in for the weekend to help me out with Miss E and to have our own girls weekend which I greatly appreciate! She is a mom of three handsome little boys, so she is really excited for her own girl time and to escape the frozen tundra! It means so much that she is taking the time to come and spend the weekend with me.

and.. the month of February is only days away which means I have a birthday and what better way to start off a new month than with a birthday?! Which, got me thinking. Since, I love parties and planning them not only for my own life events but for others as well {yes, secretly I would love to be a party stylist/ event planner}that it would be fun to showcase party ideas once a week here on cherry blossoms. After all, who doesn't enjoy a party and love being inspired?!

* I should note..Not only do I have a birthday in February but so does a good friend of mine who happens to be turning 30. She is having a French/ Paris themed birthday party to ring in the special 3-0 and she's treating herself to a week stay in Paris!

Now, if I lived closer I would love to be helping out as I think these would be the perfect invites!


  1. Thanks for the shout out about my upcoming bday. :) Those passport invites are so cute! I def went the lazy route this time around and just did an evite!! I am so not crafty! I wish I had your crafty skills. :)

    Wish you could be there next Friday - I know you'll be there in spirit, though!

  2. Seriously? You and I are kindred spirits! My bday is 2/9! And our girls are nearly the same bday too! How crazy. Ruby is just 6wks yesterday and we too have that awesome hour each night of gas and crying. I am looking forward to that hopefully dying down now. Fingers crossed. Ruby gave me 7 hours between feedings last night so I was able to get a post done! You can see it here: