Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pausing the Memories

Twenty years ago we saw fear and sadness
tears were shed
my life that I knew changed before my young mind could grasp what truly was happening
I became a motherless daughter

life became full of trials and struggles as one tries to understand how to live a life with not having a mom

You learn your heart never forgets:
hearing your parents tell you that your mom is dying
1st Christmas and Birthday with no mom
Not having a mom present for your high school graduation
Seeing you off to college and graduating from college
Not having a mom seeing you get married
Not having a mom be present as you welcome a new life into the world
life moved on
memories stayed and kept us moving forward
you learn your heart holds onto memories
memories that will forever be in my heart:
picnics in the park
weekends trips to the zoo
bike rides
ice cream after swimming lessons
family holiday celebrations
birthday party celebrations

In twenty years my life has taught me a lot
I would never have made it if it wasn't for my sister. She is my rock
Not a day goes by that I know we made my mom proud
No matter how old or young you are every girl needs a mom
moms are amazing role models

20 years later and we still remember with an abundance of love
Love you Mom,

images via we heart it


  1. Beautiful.... This makes me want to be a better mom.
    Tomorrow I'll be spoiling my rides and ice cream for starters.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your mother. I can only imagine how it has strengthened you now that you are a mother yourself.
    Wishing you continued peace and healing!

  3. Beautiful! Sending you love and hugs! xxoo

  4. Heidi, it is so true. Memories are the pieces we get to keep of the person we love and miss. Thinking of you.


  5. This is in fact, truly beautiful. :)
    I'll make sure the moment my mum comes back, that I tell her I love her.
    Thank you for sharing and we all share our wishes.