Thursday, August 4, 2011

In 93 days I will be....

I finally decided to lace up the shoes, hit the pavement or more so the treadmill until it cools down, (I am not one to run in 100+ degrees. ) and will be running my first 1/2 marathon on November 6th! Eeks.

My true training begins next week.I'm excited and scared but I know if I did not sign up I would regret it as I am running this race in memory of my mom. This summer marked 20 years of her passing and I wanted to personally do something in her memory.
Now here's to finding some cute running clothes!


  1. Good luck with tarining! Sure a nice way to remember your mother.

  2. You can do it! The great thing is that when/if you are struggling during the race, you can think of your mom's cancer battle and I think that will give you the inspiration you need to get through the tough spots in the race!! And she'll obviously be looking down on you, too!