Friday, December 14, 2012

Airplane Birthday Party

This Friday's Airplane Party Feature is a very special party as I get to feature a little guy who turned two yesterday.  Mr. Owen happens to be the little boy of one of my most dearest friends. Not only is his momma beautiful inside and out she is also a Martha Stewart.  

The Airplane birthday theme was chosen after their family took a vacation to California and seeing how Owen was intrigued by all the excitement going on in the airport. I love how this theme is not only an adorable theme for little boys but it holds a special memory as well.

I love how the balloons mimic clouds. The balloon feature was created by stringing the ends of the balloons together with fishing wire and sticking them to the ceiling with tape.

Airplane sugar cookies baked and decorated by Owen's mom.
For having these be the first cookies decorated by hand I think his mom did an excellent job!

Luggage totes as the party favors. Beyond adorable.

and... the cutest pilot I have ever seen!
PS: Did I mention Mr. Owen is Miss Elle's boyfriend?! 

Thank you Brooke for allowing me to share my "nephews" party! 
I can't wait to see what you come up with next year!

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  1. Brooke did such an awesome job with this party! You and Brooke both had such a knack for party planning. It was so fun to attend Owen's party, the details were all so great and the theme came together well. I wish I could attend Elle's party as I am sure hers will be adorable as well!