Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Little Bunny

I can't believe my favorite holiday is already over.

The Easter Bunny brought Elle a new set of wheels and a $3 choo-choo train. Yep, should have stopped at the train and the flip flops as that is all she cares about.  Oh, and the egg full of M&M's.

This crazy little bunny provided plenty of entertainment during our 1 1/2 hour long
childrens' mass along with the 30 mins of waiting before mass started! Yikes, 2 hrs of church/sitting with a 2 yr old has made every ounce of chocolate I ate afterwards worth it!


  1. Oh man, we were so glad that we did not bring Anna to mass with us as she was having a rough day as it was and there was no way she would have made it through our long mass either! Elle is so freaking cute - love the pics! I just love her curly hair!!!