Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4th of July Party Time

I'm looking forward to making these pancakes for breakfast on the 4th!

and these yummy brownie fruit kabobs to share with friends while we watch fireworks

and these fun 4th of July parade wands for Miss E and her friends to run around with as we watch fireworks.
How are going to spend your 4th?


  1. What a cute idea with the wand! I will be buying some dowl rods tomorrow so I can make a few of these for waving at the parade and fireworks.

  2. How fun are those pancakes!? Great idea :)


  3. Happy Fourth of July! I love all of this patriotic food! The brownie kabobs are my favorite thing that you have posted. I love the wand idea. That would be a wonderful craft idea for the kids.

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