Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shopping for Jeans

Nothing is worse than shopping for a swimsuit or jeans. 
I have not invested money into a nice pair of jeans since I was pregnant (highly recommend the maternity Citizens) so I had no budget (so nice of him) and needless to say it was still a nightmare! I might have at one point had a few tears as nothing was fitting right and I was getting really frustrated. Luckily, the sales girl at Nordstrom was very helpful and patient. If you are in the Austin area I recommend you stop in and ask for a girl named Ashley. She knows her jeans! 

I had several great brands of jeans recommended to me but the ones that I felt that fit my body the best and ones I knew I would wear a lot are the Olivia skinny bootcut  jeans by AG Jeans. They were the last pair I tried on and it was like love at first fit. Ten pairs later we finally had a winner!

Two other pairs that I am wanting to buy to wear with riding boots are the Paige Skyline Skinny Jeans (Apparently this style of Paige jeans is Nordstroms #1 seller. They are a great fitting jean)  or the J Brand Skinny Stretch Jean. The J Brand, I found run on the smaller side. This style is more of mid rise in the waist which I liked since I have a c-section scar, and some jeans are cut so low I cannot wear them. 

A friend also recommended that I try out the skinny jeans by Madewell. Has anyone tried their jeans? Would love to hear about more great styles before I make another purchase.

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