Monday, January 6, 2014

Motherhood Mondays

This past weekend we headed to Dallas where we spent time playing at the American Girl store and buying some accessories for our bitty baby. We then headed to my friend's house where her daughter and Elle enjoyed an afternoon and evening of playing with one another. They were literally two peas in a pod. So sweet. Sunday, we then met up with my brother-in-law and nephew who were in Frisco for the NDSU Championship game. We went and toured the AT&T stadium aka Cowboys stadium.  It was a real neat tour and such a beautiful stadium. It was so fun having Elle see family since we have zero family in Texas. She laughed the entire the time and just wanted to be by her cousin's side. He was a trooper.

Washing the car! Beyond fun.                                      

Beautiful tree at the American Girl Store- Dallas

Feeding the baby

Sweet Texas friends having fun playing!
Elle and her cousin Christian waiting for the tour to start. 

Chris and I on the field. Can't wait to go to a football game. 

 future Dallas Cheerleader, perhaps?                                       Elle and her uncle on the field

 10 minutes on the road heading back to Austin and she is out!


  1. I am glad you guys had a fun trip! Abby's husband will be envious if you go to a game there as he is a HUGE Dallas fan!

  2. That picture of the two little ones holding hands is too much!!! Love her little outfits, what a cutie!!