Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pretty Cookbooks + Paris + San Francisco = Love

I was at Crate and Barrel this week where I spied these cookbooks. Pretty sure they would rather live at my house than at Crate and Barrel.

 Nothing is better than a little neighborhood bakery and hello butter! 
You know if butter is in the title it's going to be good!

 The next time I go back to San Francisco I'm making a stop at Miette.

and last but not least a Paris book! I love collection French coffee book and so Le Petit Paris finger foodie book is a definite must as both my husband and I love French cuisine. 

Plus, not only did the recipes look manageable they all would look pretty sitting out on my kitchen counter. Just a small hint incase my husband finds himself reading this post. 

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  1. Manage French recipes sounds right up my alley. Sometimes I get very intimidated by French cooking! We will have to check out Miette on our San Fran trip in September. If you have any other recommendations of the area - send them my way! :)