Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Recap

For those that celebrate Christmas I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa was nice to everyone this year!

Our Christmas was extra special as it was my daughter's first Christmas. We left cookies and milk out for Santa, Santa even left Elle a letter in her stocking, and he brought lots of fun toys for Elle, a french press for my husband and pretty jewelry for me!

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions that you remember as a child or that you do for your children?


  1. I love the letter writing tradition! Such a great idea!

    Santa actually came to our house when we were opening gifts so we did not do the cookies for santa thing when we were young. The way it would work was that my dad would always get some article for clothing that he'd have to go try on. So he'd leave the room. He was able to get the doorbell to ring from upstairs as we had a programmable one. So he'd ring the downbell and we would think it was santa so all of us kids would run down the stairs to the front door. While we ran downstairs, my dad woudl bring the bag of santa gifts to the deck outside of the living room. We'd come upstairs and say, 'no one was there.' and my dad would say - 'oh look, he left the gifts on the deck for you guys!'

    They did the for years upon years and we never caught on!!

  2. I can imagine it was the most special Christmas for you! Hope you & your baby girl are well! Do you have much time to blog? Our Christmas was festive and very, very white!