Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Recap Weekend

It was just the three of this year for Easter and for it being our first family Easter it was pretty special. Easter is one of my favorite holidays particualarly because it reminds me so much of my happy childhood days. We always spent Easter at my grandparents house and my grandma would have a bunny cake and we would have an egg hunt in their yard so I can't wait to start family Easter traditions with Elle like I had when I was little.
We spent Easter this year by attending the 7 am mass {Elle didn't cry}, we then made brunch at home with mimosas, carrot cake muffins, scrambled eggs, fruit, string cheese and candy! I might add I gave up string cheese and candy for lent. I gave up string cheese because I eat string cheese like no ones business. When I was pregnant I would eat string cheese at all hours of the night and sometimes my husband would even find the wrapper in our bed! Oops. But I made it all 40 days and oh my goodness was I a happy camper to see a package of string cheese in the fridge this morning. We then spent the day playing with some of Elle's new toys and enjoyed the beautiful evening by going on a walk.
good thing we left Mr. Bunny some carrots as look at the treats he brought us!

What are all of your family Easter traditions?


  1. LOVE the traditions you have with your family. Elle is so adorable-what a beautiful smile she has! And kudos to you for being able to give up string cheese for 40 days-I think of the foods I crave and I am not sure I could last that long without them!

  2. Great photos! Elle is really growing! :) Looks like she is getting to be a little chubbier - which I love!! :)

    Love all your easter traditions. And that is so sweet that chris wrote a little letter. What a thoughtful guy. :)

  3. I want to eat Elle! She is a little chunk like Ruby! I am jealous that she likes her bumbo. Neither Stella NOR Ruby like that contraption. I am going to have to sell this brand new one I just got. If you know anyone...

    Elle looks like she made out like crazy from the Easter Bunny!!!

  4. I love that little headband...did you make that? I made one for my daughter that is very very similar. So cute!