Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Spy: Neighborhood Scenes

Sweet Ashley over at Little Miss Momma has started a series where you post pictures of various outings. Last week the lucky lady spent the day at the beach and this week she has invited all of her readers to share a glimpse of their neighborhoods.
So, without further ado.. here is a sneak peek of my neighborhood in Arizona.

I would love to see glimpses of your neighborhood! It will be fun so feel free to play along and if you do make sure you link back and let me know!


  1. You really do live in a beautiful neighborhood! I bet this post made you look for the beauty in your surrroundings v. focusing on what you don't like about your neighborhood etc... I should do this as I am SUCH a negative nellie about where i live...

  2. Gorgeous!!! Love that waterfall! How relaxing! I would love to have that in my neighborhood!