Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy's Day

What a wonderful weekend it was.
We celebrated Chris's first Father's Day by having delicious Nutella banana crepes at our favorite crepe restaurant, followed by giving Chris his presents. With Chris losing his father I wanted to make sure his first Father's Day would be a day he would always remember. Little Miss E is definitely becoming "Daddy's Little Girl" and I think nothing is more precious than seeing their bond grow. After all, they have a special song that they sing on the way to "school" aka daycare. But most of all Miss E just loves to tug on daddy's hair.

To make his day special Elle and I got crafty by imprinting her hand and footprints as a keepsake for Chris.

And what else would brighten up a home on a family day more than a beautiful bouquet of peonies. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers and a reminder of my childhood. Growing up, we had peonies in our backyard and I find it important to have reminders of our own childhood surrounding us no matter how old we are.


  1. hope you had an awesome father's day! i had peonies in our backyard growing up, too! love 'em! :)

  2. The prints turned out amazing!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I will upload pics now that the computer is working of the toes that I had done for Alton of Ruby. Our 6mo apt is today at 2:20p I will send you an update via email later today! I'm guessing 18# 2oz Let's see!

  3. Nutella Crepes?!! My absolute fave. I hope it was a very special day for you all! My sister did have her baby on Father's Day! Such a miracle!