Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Red and Black Children's Holiday Collection Wear

If you are starting to look for Holiday outfits for the little one's here is a sneak peek of what is currently available at Old Navy.
I am in love with these adorable pieces.


  1. So cute!! My favorite is that red coat (surprises, surprise). I saw a really cute winter coat at target. I thought about buying it for Anna, but I think I will hold off because it's not like she'll get much use out of a coat until she is a little older. But when she is like 2 or 3 - watch out, I will be getting her a cute coat of some sort every couple of years, I'm sure!

  2. so precious!!!! don't think i don't have all my imaginary babies dressed like this!
    ps: I accidentally posted 2 posts today, so scroll down for today's real post