Wednesday, November 16, 2011

T is for Tutu and DIY Instructions

I think I have found a new calling.... making Tutu's. I can't even tell you how simple yet how fun it was to make Miss E a tutu for her birthday photo shoot next month.

I went to my local ribbon store where I purchased all the materials. It took me about an hour to make and now I simply can't wait to make more!

Tutu Instructions:
Supplies Needed:
3 bolts of tulle
{ I found the bolts of tulle to be much easier to work with as the width is already cut for you vs buying it off the shelf at Joanns.}
Elastic- Non Slip 3/4 " to 1"
Ribbon is optional
{I did not use ribbon on mine}

Measure child's waist and cut elastic 2-3"inches shorter than waist
Either sew the elastic together or hot glue
{ I hot glued my elastic and had no problem}

Cut the tulle into 27" pieces. You will do this for each bolt.

{Very Important to note.. your tutu's length will be end up being half of what you originally cut!
I made this mistake and had to go back and trim off tulle due to it being too long for my child.}

For Infant I suggest cutting your tulle into 12"-14" lengths.
Older girls I suggest cutting your tulle into 18-27" lengths.
{Your length will vary due to how tall the child is and if you prefer shorter or longer tutu's}

Tie each piece of tulle separately into a double knot around the elastic band.
{some might find it to be easier to tie the tulle by placing your band of elastic around a paper towel holder or a tall round canister}
Pull tightly and place pieces of tulle close to one another. Your tutu will fill in nicely and yes, you will use all three bolts.

If you are using ribbon cut your ribbon pieces to the same length of your tulle pieces. If you cut your tulle to be 14 inches then you cut your ribbon to be 14 inches.
Place ribbon around the elastic in between the tulle evenly.

You can make your tutus with a variety of colors mixed in, add embleshiments such as a bow or flowers, or simply wear plain.
Tutu's also look adorable with baby leg crawlers.


  1. Oh cute! You are so talented. I can see all of her stuffed animals having their very own tutu. I can't wait to see her in her one years pics. I bet you saved some nice money making your own tutu!

  2. omg! this is just too cute!!! i want to make a gazillion tutu's now for my friend's babies and even my dog. thank you for sharing this!

  3. do you know what the width of the tulle should be? i was going to make this for my friend's daughter who is 1 year old so i was thinking of doing it maybe 16 inches in length but didn't know what the width of the pieces should be.