Monday, October 18, 2010

Back to Reality

Happy Monday! I definitely enjoyed my week off as it was not only relaxing as I treated myself to a spa day but I was also pretty productive. I love that feeling of being able to cross things off on my to do list. Some of those tasks entailed completing all of our baby classes expect infant CPR {which we will complete in November}, find a Pediatrician, put together changing table, purchase chair and end table for the nursery, and most importantly.... find daycare! Oh what a relief it was on Sunday night knowing I actually accomplished all this.

I also tried out a new chicken rice recipe that turned out delicious expect I over did it a bit with the pepper. Oops and on Saturday my husband and I had a wonderful date night. We had dinner at a French Restaurant that he has been wanting to try out for some time and oh my goodness was it delicious!

So with that I will be starting my week feeling accomplished and a lot less stressed which is a good thing cause its now back to reality.

Are any of you " to do listers" and if so do you agree that its a great feeling to get through those lists?!


  1. The best feeling! But I'm also a bit addicted to making lists... Not only to-do, but what to pack when we go on holiday, what christmas presents to buy, just anything I can list! My husband doen't get it...

  2. I am glad you made a decision on day care! nice to have that out of the way!!