Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maternity Shoot

Last Friday my husband and I had a maternity shoot session that was taken by Vicki Lynn Photography. We had so much fun that I was laughing and crying. I was crying cause I felt so in love with my husband and then I also started to get all teary eyed as for the first time in some ways it really hit me that I am going to be a mommy in 6 weeks!

In the meantime, I have been ordered by my doctor that I need to slow down. This means my days of zumba
{cardio dancing} are over until little Miss R arrives.

Here are some of my favorite photos that were captured from this wonderful evening.

For those of you that are moms when did reality set in that you were going to be a mom?!


  1. Reality set in for me when I was holding my baby in the hospital and looking at him very happily knowing that I was responsible for raising him in a very loving home and providing a happy, healthy life. Good luck - you must be so excited! There is nothing like mommyhood! xxoo :)

  2. ADORABLE!!!! And I agree with Cathi, it totally didn't set in until we were holding julian for the fist time. Nothing can prepare you for the emotions that come with seeing your child for the first time. it still brings tears to my eyes! You will do great!

  3. Your pictures turned out so great - you look wonderful!! I can't wait to meet the baby in January!! :)

  4. Heidi, your pictures are gorgeous! I sometimes still find it hard to believe that I'm a mama. The first time around, I focused so much on the pregnancy and preparing for labor that the parenting part probably didn't hit me until Beck was actually born. This time, I'm spending a lot of time thinking about how we will manage caring for a toddler and a newborn. I'm so excited for you!

  5. Sooo gorgeous photos!!! The reality hits in the second the baby is born and that is a great moment!!!

    Kristin xx

  6. Great pics! They are so beautiful and unique! Congrats :)

  7. Heidi dear, I'm finally back and so happy to visit your blog after all this time. You look fantastic! Glowing! I'm so happy for you & good luck!
    Now I'm to catch up on your last posts.
    take good care of yourself, Anna