Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Cherry Blossoms!

It has been two years this weekend since I enter the world of blogging. I love all the inspiration that can be found in blog land, but most of all I have gotten to know some amazing bloggers. The whole purpose of me blogging is to share what I love and to pass on inspiration as so many others have passed onto me. For those of you who have been followers from the beginning, and those who have recently started following thank you so much for reading cherry blossoms, your sweet comments, but most of all
for inspiring me.

image via glorious treats


  1. Happy Blog Birthday!! I am so happy to have gotten to know you!

  2. Happy 2nd bday. Just think how much your life has changed over the last 2 years!!!!!

  3. Happy 2nd blogoversary!! Here's to many more years of your beautiful and inspiring posts! Ps. thank you for the cake inspiration; I love it.