Thursday, September 8, 2011

What I'm Loving This Week

I am on a mad hunt to find a cute knit hat (thinking chunky) for Miss E! We are heading to NYC in a month and I need her to experience fall weather looking her finest for her Central Park visit.

here are some hats I am loving this week
love the button detail


  1. Loving that first one!! I have quite a few saved for Ruby... as you can imagine we have a LONG winter ahead of us and we need to look cute too!

  2. Oh oh...Miss E..your uncle wasn't happy to hear you are going to NYC but not coming to the lake for Christmas. :0(. Have fun though!

  3. I wish I was better at crocheting so I could make hats like that... unfortunately, it is not something I have a knack for. Pretty sure the blanket I made for E. is my first and last crochet project!