Sunday, December 18, 2011

Children's Santa Birthday Party

My sweet friend Marla from Keeping up with Stella and Ruby Lou recently held a joint birthday party for her daughters. Sweet Stella turned four and Miss Ruby turned the big one!

To tie in with the girls invites the theme of the party was styled with cupcakes and pom pom garland. Marla's sister in law made the girls their own cupcake cakes with each girl getting a cake with a 'S' and a 'R' with matching mini cupcakes for the guests.

Aren't these cupcakes the sweetest thing ever?!
{pom pom garland}
{and the adorable birthday girls Miss Stella and Miss Ruby!}

What I love most about this party was Santa came to visit all the of guests. I remember when I was either four or five and on Christmas Eve Santa came to visit me. Still today, it is one of my favorite childhood memories. I am pretty sure Marla's girls (well, at least Stella) will always remember turning four!

To see more adorable photos and how to make hot cocoa favors please visit Marla's blog here!


  1. I think it looks more amazing on your blog than my own! Haha! Thanks for featuring it!
    Today was the REAL bday for Ruby- we took the girls downtown to our favorite cupcake shop. Finally we found a "cake" that Ruby loves... yellow with chocolate frosting- my favorite and I had to give up my cupcake for the birthday girl bc she was not happy with the pretty blue snowflake one we got her! Haha. Are you off this week?