Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday's Party: Little Man's 1st Birthday

My dear friend Brooke hosted her little man's first birthday last weekend. She did an amazing job carrying this adorable theme throughout the party along with the fun blue and green color scheme.
Plus, isn't Mr. O the cutest little man you have ever seen?

Top was made by his creative mommy!

chevron pattern place cards
the "sweet stache"
"thanks for combing over"

Happy 1st Birthday Mr. O!!!


  1. What a cute theme! I love those little mustaches! Good luck tomorrow! I will be thinking about you during our party as well! Ours is 4:30 to 7p CST...

  2. Owen could be a baby model! So could Miss E! You both have a knack for throwing parties!!

  3. What did you put in the favor bags other than combs?