Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I'm Loving this Week: Fresh Sugar Balm

I have had my eye on the Fresh Sugar lip balm/ treatment for sometime and was so excited to see that Sephora is giving away a travel size of the tinted rose and the sugar lip balms to all beauty insiders during the month of their birthday!
Some of the many important things about the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment are:
SPF 15
paraben free
has vitamins A,C, and E

It also comes in a variety of tints.

I personally like the rose tint as it has just the right amount of color.
PS: Its made in France!

What is your favorite lip balm?


  1. Looks like I'm headed to Sephora today! (or tomorrow!) I too have been wanting to try that!

  2. Such a pity there's no Sephora in the UK - I have to stock up when I'm abroad. I'll look out for this one! I like L'Occitane and Bert's Bees but I have my eye on a new Chanel one too.

  3. i have been meaning to try this and this post just reminded me! will have to stop by sephora at lunch!