Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wednesday Words

There are moments and even days when you just need a laugh to bring things back into perspective.

I know I need to do my duty and vote but I can't say I am very impressed with our choices this election year. 

 and after having a fabulous long weekend in Minneapolis with friends and family we encountered an airport nightmare like no other on our way home. All I have to say is,  I hope to avoid the Dallas airport for some time. A long time! More on that later... So, when all you want to do is throw a fit and start getting sassy with the counter people for how they are treating you I need to remind myself of two things
1) I can either cry or 2) I can laugh. I like option 2 especially when I see this...

and when someone takes your sandwich you ordered and the food voucher they give you is not accepted anywhere because the airline is going bankrupt well, you just have to... laugh.

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