Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I'm Loving this Week

I came across the most adorable knit hats I have ever seen by sweet baby dolly. The only problem is I can't decide which one is my favorite as I want to order them all for Miss E.

Adorable hats for boys and girls of all ages.

 I love the chunkiness and the bow on this hat. Pretty sure this is my favorite style. Thinking of having the color changed so Miss E can wear it with her fall/ winter coat.


  1. ooooh, the cream with the bow! adorable!

  2. Cute! I think those chunkier ones were likely crocheted - wish I was good at that! I will have to try to find the baby hat pattern I bought and maybe make something for Elle!

  3. The last hat is my favorite!! Found your blog through other blogs!! haha. I love it!