Tuesday, August 20, 2013

North Carolina Girls Weekend

This past weekend I went to Charlotte, to visit one of my dearest friends/sorority sister from college for a  super fun girls weekend! 
I have never been to North Carolina so I was really excited to not only have a girls weekend but to also explore a new area of the our country. It is so beautiful and I will definitely be returning.

Our weekend started out with some delicious fish tacos at Cabo Fish Taco. Cabo Fish Taco is one of the cities best places to enjoy fish tacos as they were featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I loved the blackened mahimahi taco along with a pomegranate margarita. Afterwards, we made a quick stop at Trader Joes so I could buy some of my must have items. 
(Sept 20th Austin's first of four Trader Joes is opening!)

Friday we spent the day in Asheville, NC. It is a 2hr drive from Charlotte with beautiful scenery. We
went and toured the Biltmore, which I highly recommend doing. I can only image how beautiful it must look during the holidays. 

The grounds were breathtaking and you could literally spend all day here walking the grounds.

Afterwards we went to Grove Park Inn, which is a stunning hotel that has some of the most amazing views of Asheville.  The weather was beautiful and made for a great time to relax and enjoy a glass of wine before we ventured into downtown Asheville.
beautiful view at Grove Park Inn, Asheville NC

We headed into downtown Asheville for dinner where we ate at Tupelo Honey Cafe. The wait was definitely worth it as I enjoyed a true southern meal of fried chicken, sweet potatoes (some of the best), fried green tomatoes (amazing and also my first time having fried green tomatoes), sweet tea, and a wonderful biscuit with honey. Thank goodness we walked a bunch. 
The downtown area was full of cute boutiques, live music on various street corners including a group of drummers who perform on Friday evenings. 

After dinner we made our way to French Broad, which is a chocolate lounge serving up wonderful coffee drinks and fine chocolates. The line was out the door and I can see why. Besides, Paris I had some of the best hot chocolate and they make their own marshmallows. Very cool.

Saturday it was a rainy day in Charlotte which I did not mind at all. It made for a great day to enjoy manicures and spend the afternoon shopping. I loved the mall in Charlotte! 

Sunday we enjoyed brunch at Crispy Crepe, where I enjoyed a four cheese crepe and we split a s'more crepe. It was so good and filling that is the only thing I ended up eating all day. 
morning lattes at Crispy Crepe

All in all it was a great weekend to get away to spend quality time with a good friend. I hope to return soon and if you and your girlfriends are searching for a fun, relaxing getaway I highly recommend Charlotte and the surrounding area!


  1. This area of the country looks so charming. Looking forward to out trip to Charleston in October!

    Lisa's taking me to Cabo Taco when I fly in that night, we've already decided.

  2. Thank you so much for coming to visit me! I really had the best time! :) It really brightened my life to have you around for those 3 days. I only wish we had more time together. I am glad that you enjoyed all of the things I picked out for us to do. NC really is a beautiful state! I can't wait to go back to the Biltmore around the holidays!

    Miss you!!!