Friday, August 1, 2014

Cheers to 2 years in Austin

Today marks our 2 year anniversary of moving to Austin. As much as I wish we lived closer to my family we have been very grateful for how things are working out. 
Tonight we are hosting our wonderful neighbors/our very first friends we made over for dinner. 
The best free "toy". Oh how Elle loved playing with these boxes during our first few days in the house.

To continue with our tradition of a family weekend stay-cation we decided to try out a new resort. We are going to stay at Hyatt Lost Pines this year. Our original plan was to visit the Texas Gulf Coast but  there is a really bad seaweed infestation this summer. Elle has been begging to see seashells and sandcastles so this was our plan B. They have a lazy river, man-made beach, s'mores at night, live music, movies with popcorn on the porch, story time in the morning and crafts in the afternoon for little ones. I am also hoping to sneak away to their spa if time allows. 

We really need this time to come together as a family and to focus on what matters. 
Quality family time.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Happy anniversary of your move! I know that moving to Austin has been so good for your family. I'm so happy that you guys are so happy and I personally love visiting Austin as it's such a cool, fun city. :) I hope your dinner was fun last night and that your little getaway is fun! What a great tradition to continue through the years.