Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our Lost Pines Family Vacation

We had so much fun during our mini getaway that was literally 45 mins from our doorstep to the beautiful grounds of Hyatt Lost Pines. So many fun memories were made and we can't wait to return next summer. This will definitely be a family tradition. 

 Summer Days are meant for ice cream!
 and more ice-cream! 
Enjoying some ice cream at Lock Drug. One of the oldest Soda Fountains in the state of Texas. 

 and a s'more. 
I promise you my kid never gets this many treats especially in one day! 
Plus, its vacation and who can say no to a s'mores

 Then there is the wonderful sand beach where we spent a majority of our days.

floating on the lazy river

and the water slide. 
This was Elle's new found love. We probably rode this slide 50xs. 

Enjoying the peaceful view of the Colorado River

Bye Lost Pines. 
Until next summer thank you for the wonderful family time!


  1. Looks like such a fun getaway! And I agree that you need to have lots of treats on vacations because that is what vacations are for - especially s'mores as that is not something you get very often. I love all the photos and by the way, I really like Chris's salmon colored shorts! Very stylish, Chris!

  2. How fun!! I agree with Lisa - love Chris's salmon shorts, too1

    I love that there's a beach at the resort - so that kids that are landlocked can still have opportunity to play in the sand ;) Elle looks like she loooves the water! I adore all her little dresses.