Friday, October 30, 2009

My very own Pirate Cupcakes

Today is our Halloween party at work (I work at an amazing Elementary school in Gilbert, AZ) and so today will consist of our monthly Pride Day (School Spirit Assembly) followed by a staff pizza party and our school costume parade this afternoon. I just love seeing all the little kids in their costumes with their beaming smiles.

For our staff party I made cupcakes as I LOVE cupcakes and its really the only thing I could say I am good at when it comes to baking. I used these black and on black swirl cupcake liners from Target. They are cute but I should have known better that when making devils food cake cupcakes that the black on black pattern would not show up very well. Oh well..
Arrrr the pirate toppers
The final product!

For really cute baking decorations and holiday party inspiration check out the tomkatestudio! I love how creative her designs are and best of all she is a local gal!


  1. Awesome cupcakes, they look delicious! Have a fun day! :)

  2. They turned out so good!! You are so good at this kind of thing!

  3. Nice job on the cupcakes and thank you for the mention! :) I look forward to seeing you at the holiday boutique this weekend!!