Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pain au Chocolat

{before going into the oven after rising over night}

{Ready to eat! Sorry for not having a cute photo. These would have looked better on a plate}

I love chocolate croissants or shall I say Pain au Chocolat pastries. I had my first buttery, flaky, chocolaty goodness treat while honeymooning in St. Barts in 2007 and I wasn't reunited with these yummy pastries until this fall when my husband and I went to Paris.

Since, flying to Paris whenever I am in the mood for one of these yummy pastries from a cute Boulangerie is out of the question I will settle for the Trader Joes version. So happy I discovered these on a recent grocery trip as they are really tasty and one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast!


  1. Aren't those AMAZING!?! I always keep a box in my freezer. Guests are always wowed that they came from T.J.'s and not a local pastry shop.

  2. Wow, those look perfect! I adore chocolate croissants!

  3. what! trader joes sell's these! so good to know- for my trip back to the states this summer!

  4. Oh absolutely! I adore pains au chocolat. And croissants, too. In fact, anything French haha!