Monday, June 14, 2010

Vacation Recap

Our weekend getaway with my family to San Diego and to Coronado, CA was a lot of fun. We stayed on Coronado Island which made for a relaxing time. We ate some yummy cupcakes from this bakery, had pizza one night that had views overlooking the bay and the San Diego sky line, played on Coronado Beach at the Hotel Del, and spent a day at Sea World. We had a lot of fun at Sea World where we took in two shows. We saw the new Blue Horizon show which showcases dolphins and whales and then we saw the famous Shamu show. It was really fun to see how these animals have been trained and how incredible these animals really are. My family is in town all week where I am sure more fun awaits!
{at Coronado Beach}

{my niece collecting sea shells}

{loving the shark attraction}

{the dolphin "walking" during the show}


What are some of your vacation destinations or favorite vacation memories with your family?


  1. Wow - those photos are awesome! Sea World looks so neat; I hope to visit some day.

    We did not take vacations as a family. It just wasn't practical with 5 kids. ;) But, we did spend alot of time camping at various camp grounds around the lakes area of Minnesota, so I have great memories from those weekends!

  2. Great pics! It looks like you had fun.

  3. Great pictures! I love Coronado Beach. Isn't it neat how the sand is almost gold speckled?? My favorite vacation memories with my family was just trips to the lake cabin! So wonderful and great memories. I also had a fun trip to Florida with my family growing up.

    Love Sea World. Marine life is just incredible!