Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wedded Bliss

Today my husband and I are celebrating three years of wedded bliss. In some ways it seems like only yesterday Father Thomas was marrying us and we were surrounded by our friends and family. Then there are moments where I wonder how do couples ever make it to their 40th or 50th wedding anniversaries?! I love how every morning and every night I get to see the person that I love so much always being there by my side. Even though not every day is full of roses, I wouldn't change this journey for anything. I can't wait to see what our future holds! I love you Chris!

seeing each other for the first time under the weeping willow tree

sweet kisses from my darling niece. The sweetest flower girl a bride could ask for.

having a moment of prayer

officially Mr. and Mrs!

Our beautiful wedding cake

{Photos courtesy of Adena Photography}

{Wedding cake courtesy of Roberts Catering}


  1. You both look so happy! What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them. And I agree that the journey of marriage makes every day worth living!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you 2 have a wonderful day! And here's to many many more years of happiness!!

    Your wedding photos are just beautiful! Wow!! Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Doesn't seem like that long ago that we were all in Phx celebrating your big day! Enjoy your day together!! :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! And wow, your pictures are phenomenal. Your dress and cake. guh, gorgeous!

  5. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful wedding gown! Romantic pictures *swoon*...

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! It is amazing how quickly time goes by, isn't it??? Enjoy your day together.

  7. What a gorgeous couple, your gown is beautiful. The sweet moment with your littlle neice is adrable.
    HAppy Anniversary!