Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tennis+ France = Great Fashion

Did anyone watch the French Open this weekend? If so, you then saw that Lacoste was a sponsor and some of the women were wearing really cute tennis outfits fitted by Lacoste. I did some research where I learned René Lacoste was a star tennis player during the 1920's, so it only makes sense that the players of the French Open would be fitted by Lacoste. Once again, the French always have a way of keeping things classy.


  1. Okay, all I can say is AMEN to these classy French-inspired adorable tennis outfits!

    Those are too cute! Makes me want to buy a cute tennis outfit, a pink raquet, and learn! Ha!

    Have you seen the trash that Serena, Venus, and Anna Kornikova have been "sporting" ("slutting!") lately?!?! I'm sorry, but tennis is still a SPORT. They don't need to be wearing lingerie

  2. I completely agree with Abby that Serena's lingerie look was so distasteful!!! But I loved the Lacoste looks!

    Now on to Wimbledon - my favorite summer sporting event! Can't wait!