Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting to know Cherry Blossoms

Happy Monday! The lovely Melanie from Scout- a Mom's guide to stylish living {one of my favorite blogs}has tagged me in a questioner and I thought I would play along.

1.) If you had to evacuate your home, what 5 items would you immediately grab?
This is hard but I would choose:
My photo albums
My laptop
My Pearls
My Wedding dress
My Purse

2.) If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?
I would choose my grandma Alma who passed away several years ago. We would have dinner back at my grandparents house as she always made the best desserts and some of my best childhood memories were held there. After dinner would watch the Golden Girls and play a game of Old Maid.

3.) Favorite movie you could watch over and over...
This is hard for me as its a toss up between Annie and 27 Dresses

4.) What scares you the most?
Currently, the thought of labor. How will my body react and so forth. But, at the same time I am excited.

5.) What fashion trend do you love?
Leggings. I never thought I would relive my 80's wardrobe again but right now I just want to be comfy yet still look presentable.

6.) What fashion trend do you hate?
Uggs. They are meant for the snow/ cold weather not in a city where it never snows, has sunshine 365 days a year, and is surrounded by palm trees.

7.) Whose Celebrity wardrobe do you covet?
Leighton Meister's character Blaire on Gossip Girl.

8.) What is your Favorite restaurant of all time
El Zocalo- quaint family owned Mexican Restaurant that has wonderful margaritas and food. I also had my rehearsal dinner there so it holds special meaning.

9.) What is the best bargain you have ever found?
Most recently I would say scoring a Pottery Barn Kids changing table for half off!

10.) What blog do you most look forward to reading every day?
This is a hard one because I love truly love reading all of the blogs that I follow.

If you want feel free to play along!


  1. Fun to read! I agree with you on #6 & 7!

  2. Thanks for the congrats love!

    This was fun to read...I couldn't agree more about Uggs! Haha! They are great for cold weather, but as a fashion statement-no thanks. :D

  3. Heidi dear, how great to get to know you more! I also love Annie :) but never watched the second one, need to catch up.