Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gray Matters

The color gray... crisp, clean, fresh, calm.... the IMPOSSIBLE color when it comes to paint. Oh my goodness its been a paint war in my household. Between buying various paint samples and doing a process of elimination I thought we had found the perfect color. Umm not so much unless I wanted baby blue! The last we saw its 110% a baby girl that is growing at a rapid speed in this belly of mine. I am not going to lie I cried when I saw the room. After, scouring the internet and reading review after review on gray paint and looking at different gray nurseries we were back to square one. My current painter aka husband was ready to strike so I was in dire need of a new guy. That is when Benjamin Moore came to the rescue. Should have gone with him in the first place but we wanted to "save" money and go with a paint that was half the cost as this first shade was very close to the Benjamin Moore. Well, so long for saving money. After a trip to Ace, a new gallon of $47 paint, a husband who spent another two hours painting, we now have a gray room. Well, as close to gray as we can possibly get. So here's to keeping my fingers crossed that once the white furniture is moved in and the room is decorated, my nursery will show as pink and gray not baby blue and gray!

Here are some gray rooms that I adore


  1. OOH! I so love gray. it makes the whites whiter and happier....and makes me happy - and sounds like you're working your way to happiness! Can't wait to see this sweet baby's room! xoxo

  2. I am in love with that first room!!! That is truly the perfect shade of gray! Any ideas where to find out that color?

  3. Gray rooms are so elegant and tidy, I love them!And the first picture you selected is awesome.


  4. i love gray. we did gray for preslee's room!! did not turn out exactly as i wanted but i still love it!!
    so excited for you guys!