Thursday, September 9, 2010

What I'm Loving This Week

One of my favorite things about being little was having a piggy bank. My piggy bank was in the shape of a fuzzy bear holding roses {yes it was a little scary!} I remember how fun it was to count up all the coins when it was full and then going to the bank so I could deposit the money into my savings account. Maybe I should try reliving this childhood memory and buy myself this piggy bank instead of trying to find one for my soon to be born daughter's room. I'm thinking this could help me do a better job of saving and my husband might find this to be one of my better ideas!
Did any of you have a piggy bank growing up?


  1. I think piggy banks are so cute! Maybe it'll motivate me to save more :)

  2. I had a little pink piggy bank, sadly it broke. My daughter also has one and still uses it, she is 19! xxoo :)

  3. Lovely blog, my daughter does... and she saves every little coin.

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  4. Hi Heidi, how have you been all this time?
    Yes I had a piggy bank that I could easily open, and this was no fun. That's why my son has one now that is difficult to break and it's almost FULL. This means it time to party and open it, count and decide what to do :)
    Have a great week.