Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday's Party: Mother's Day

Sunday is a big day as I will be celebrating my first Mother's Day {I have no idea what has been planned for me} and I will also be thinking of my "angel" Mom who I know is watching over me and loving her youngest grand baby from above.

I saw this Mother's Day Garden Party via I am baker and I just had to share as its oh so sweet!

and another fun idea I saw via I am baker {love her!} is this Mother's Day Cookie Jar idea. Instead of a cake you fill up a cookie jar with cookies!

If you could tell your mom one thing what would it be?
You are.. amazing, You are strong, You are forgiving, You are admired, You are inspiring,
You are incredible, You are missed.

Happy Mother's Day to all that are moms and mommy's to be!


  1. Hello dear, Happy First Mother's Day to you! Hope you are going to have a fantastic one. Warm hugs, Anna

  2. Enjoy your first Mother's Day!

    I would tell my mom, "You are inspirational, strong, a wonder woman, and my hero."