Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer to do List

Today is my first day of summer vacation and my first summer of being able to stay at home with Miss E. Our month of June will busy with my family visiting and then us traveling home for the 4th of July where we will visit family, and also get to meet my best friends baby boy! I can't wait.

I have a list of summer projects I would to accomplish:
Keep my house clean by making sure all toys are put away and keeping up with the laundry
Learn how to make baby food {or at least make a majority of it}
Work on some craft projects {thinking headbands and learn how to use my sewing machine}
Party hunt for decorations and birthday cake ideas for Miss E. {Yes, I know her bday is not till December but I need to take advantage of this down time. I am planner after all.}
Learn how use my husbands SRL camera. {I am slowly learning, at the speed of a turtle.}
Try out some new recipes
Learn how to make cake pops {really want to serve cake pops at Miss E's birthday so I think I better start practicing now}
Sign up for infant/ parent swim lessons

That is my list but if you are looking for some ideas especially for children here you go. This adorable 101 bit of summer fun printable can be downloaded here via the tomkat studio via her friend Laura W.

and if you are looking for your own summer to do's list a free printable can be downloaded here via the girls from eighteen 25. My pink do to list is printing right now. So fun!

If you are have any fun summer plans or ideas please share!


  1. I think Brooke has made cake pops so she would be a good person to talk to on that project - she said they are really easy! Cute idea for a party!

    Happy vacation! Def the #1 perk of being a teacher. :)

  2. Oh please! I have the girls birthday party already started too! You are no early at all! I mean Stella is the 11th and Ruby the 18th. E is just in between! Too bad we are not closer, we could have done a HUGE blow out together for the girls 1st bday. Alas, Stella and Ruby are going to have a joint bday. And us too- Cake Pops!