Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Southern Rules

I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing y'all { I really hope Miss E will learn how to say Y'all soon} and simply how polite everyone has been. Even the college boys who were working the front door at our resort addressed us as Yes Sir  and Yes Ma'am and I even had a young child hold the door open for me at the store. The best part was his parents were not even around to remind him about his manners. 

I came across some Southern Rules HERE and I wanted to share my favorites.

We don't sweat, we glisten (hello humidity but so far it has been tolerable)

You go to college, you join a sorority( Good thing Miss E is a Delta Gamma Legacy), you become a house wife, you have children, children repeat cycle.

flip-flops are worn all year round

being a Jackie, not a Marilyn

pearls are everyday wear

you monogram everything

and my favorite......nothing is sweeter than a souther belle cheerleader

Now granted Austin is not in the true south like New Orleans, the Carolinas, and Georgia but everything is y'all, there are lots of places for crawfish and delicious BBQ, fried food galore, front porches with adirondack chairs we are learning is a must, lots of Lilly boutiques :), and signs everywhere for cheerleading. 

I am in heaven and I can't wait to have our first visitors! 

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  1. I am glad you are loving the southern lifestyle. I like some aspect of the culture of the south, but I can't really handle the "go to college, get married, have babies" sort of mindset... I work with some southern men and I think some think I should married and staying home with kids instead of pursuing a career... Definitely do NOT like that mindset!!

    I do like how gentlemanly the men in the south tend to me. Our Texas sales reps say yes ma'am (and mean it, it's not said in a condescending way), open doors, etc. It's a nice change as I don't encounter that kind of behavior in the midwest!!