Monday, August 6, 2012

Survived the Move... Barely

Last week was a crazy week as it was moving week for us.

 I was able to say goodbye to some amazing friends and enjoyed some wonderful meals with friends at some of my favorite places in AZ.

The packers and movers came last week. Amazing how fast they can pack a house and have it all loaded up in several hours. All, I know is these guys work really hard, I would not want their job, and I am so thankful that we did not have to move ourselves.

As our belongings were being packed up we received a phone call that there were some lending issues. BIG ISSUES.. ISSUES so big that we practically lost our new home due to lenders not talking to one another and each thinking that the other state was handling our loan even though we were in weekly contact with our in-state lender and out of state realtor. Needless, to say our situation went straight to a regional manager, he got stuck picking up the giant mess and our out of state realtor worked some magic. I am pretty sure I have never said words like I have before, nor cried or prayed so hard in a matter of hours. All I know is our prayers were answered, many phone calls were exchanged and the loan was salvaged despite having our closing date being bumped back a week which also meant our trip home has now been bumped back. grr.... This summer has been brutal with unnecessary stress as I feel like if it is not one thing it's another.

moving on..

We left for Austin and began our 15 hr car ride journey by driving through a blinding sand storm and booking a hell hole of a hotel on hot-wire in El Paso. Now, usually hot wire has been amazing and we have stayed at super nice places at amazing rates. I am talking $300 a night places for $100. A friend recommended an area of El Paso to spend the night. I found a deal on hot wire for $66 a night in the area that was recommended. Umm yah, nothing like rolling into El Paso at 1:30am and realizing that No, we are not staying at the new Holiday Inn Express that is right off the freeway but instead the one that looks like a crack house in downtown as apparently downtown is also considered "west side". We drove into the lot, took one look at each other and I started crying. I said, "I can't stay here" and luckily Chris felt the same. Plus, there was no where to park and I wasn't about to leave our packed SUV on some random side street and walk several blocks with a sleeping baby. So back into town we went and where we finally found a room at the Hampton Inn at 2am! {Thank goodness Elle was sleeping} It was so nice, had a really nice free breakfast and for the 5 hrs of sleep with a rate of $129 {the front desk guy gave me a little bit of a deal as I told him our story and he felt sorry for us} I was back to being a happy camper.

Once we arrived in Austin we spent several days at the Barton Creek Resort and Spa. It was so relaxing and beautiful. It is also very family orientated with a baby pool, on site hiking trail, on site babysitting service, fitness classes, kid camps, bakery, bar and restaurant, tennis, and of course golf and spa services. The resort is the same company as the beautiful Dell in Coronado Island/ San Diego California. They also offer ice skating on their property starting Thanksgiving weekend- New Years just as they do at the Dell. We can't wait to go back and visit!

We are in our new home and we are camping inside as we wait for our furniture to arrive and fingers are crossed we will be closing before or on Friday.

Thank goodness for pinterest as I have lots of rooms to fill and I am not the best when it comes to decorating. We are going from a 1300 sq foot home to slightly over 3000 sq foot home.

I never thought buying a home could ever be this stressful.

Love our new community pool and splash pad. The weather has been great so we have taken advantage of evening and early morning walks and or course some pool time.

I need to find a new gym pronto!

It is also a bitter sweet week for me as normally I would be heading back to work as school starts early in AZ. Instead, I am trusting God that his plans for me are to stay home and raise my daughter right now. Ideally, I would love to work part time and run an online baby boutique/ etsy site. More on that to come....

I so miss Trader Joes. Good thing I went before we moved and stocked on some grocery items.
Austin is getting one but not until next year. If any of my AZ/MN friends are reading this feel free to send me some Trader Joe goodies.

If you are still reading this post/ my ramblings.. bless your heart and thanks for letting me vent!


  1. I am glad you are getting closer to the closing. I still can't believe how much they messed it up. I'd def be PISSED at your lender. I mean, I worked in that industry for 5+ years and that kind of things really shouldn't happen. But it will feel so good to get your keys.

    3000 sq ft. Whoa! That is HUGE!! I can't wait to see how you decorate the new place!

  2. Yikes! What stress. Glad you are at least in your new house and you get to be away from PHX for the last few months of heat. My gfriend in Austin missed Trader Joes and she said the new one is too far for her to go often when it opens. Have fun unpacking/getting settled!

  3. OMG -- I got a mini ulcer in my stomach reading about the lender issue! I am so glad your prayers were answered and things worked out!

    I know how hard moving to a new environment can be, so my thoughts are with you! But I know you'll adjust the the new surroundings!

    Ryan has been traveling to Austin like 3 times/month lately, and says it's a pretty cool city!! It's very active too (when it cools down) -- lots of running trails etc!