Monday, January 18, 2010

Floral Tanktop Project

Over the weekend I mastered something that I have never done before. I sewed. One of my goals before I leave my twenties behind was to make a craft project that involved sewing. I have been looking for a craft project but nothing was jumping out at me until I came across this idea thanks to Such Pretty Things. When I saw her floral project I knew this was it! (Mind you this idea has literally been under my nose! In my closet I have several t-shirts, a cardigan, and tank tops with floral corsage detailing.) I had always thought to myself this doesn't look difficult to make but I never gave it much thought that I could actually recreate this flower look.

So this adventure starts with me roaming the fabric area of Joann's with no help. Can we say overwhelmed?! I at one point was thinking to myself "I can't do this, I don't even know how to thread a needle who I am kidding here?!" Well good thing I took good notes from Such Pretty Things posting so at least I knew I needed tulle. Once I found the tulle and the various satin fabrics I felt as if I was back on track.

I get home and I hit another roadblock. I start thinking "I can't even draw a straight line how am I going to draw a flower pattern?" Once, again thats me and not thinking every step of the way thru on something. So I just rolled with it. I was able to get a pattern drawn that I liked as I had to keep reminding myself " You don't want this to look perfect."

Once I got my needle and thread together I was in business. I scrunched the petals and began moving the needle in and out and surprisingly this flower formation came together! I was originally going to do three sets of flowers with eight petals but decided to complete only one flower. I don't think I took single breath of air while I was doing this as I was so scared that this was going to be a giant flop. I also bought some rhinestones to sew on in the center but I decided to leave them off.

For my first attempt I am pleased with the outcome and I actually had a lot of fun doing this! I defiantly want to make more, use the rhinestones, and of course keep learning. This is where I need your help. If any of you have ever done embellishments before on clothing or on hair accessories and you have some tips for me regarding which fabrics are good to work with, how to achieve a more scrunched look with the flowers, or a trick when it comes to sewing flowers will you pretty please leave me a note in my comments section? This beginner seamstress thanks you kindly!

What do you think?


  1. 'Sew' cute! I love it! You are way more talented than I am! I am just not good at free forming things. That is why I am good at knitting - I have to follow instructions & a detailed pattern. If I ever had to improvise or come up with something on my own, I would struggle!

    Well done!

  2. You did a great job! I'm so happy you were inspired to give it a try. Your blog is lovely!