Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Menu

Whose in for having Mexican tonight?! I was never a big fan of Mexican food until I moved to Arizona now I can't get enough of it!! As I was looking for some dinner ideas I came across some really delicious Mexican recipes and what better night to try one than tonight? Now the tough part is going to be deciding on which one to make as they all look delicious.

can't forget the margaritas!

and if you want to mix thing up why not try a margarita cooler! Yum!

{All recipes can be found on}


  1. We moved from Texas to Florida 10 years ago... and we still miss our Mexican food like crazy. Thanks for the reminder that it's Cinco de Mayo! Now I know what I'm fixing for dinner! These photos remind me to stop whining about the fact that there's no good Mexican food in my town... surely even with my limited cooking skills, I can pull some of our favorites together. ;0

  2. Prickly Pear Margarita are my favs.

  3. Yum, all of that food looks great. Mexican is def my favorite cuisine! :)

  4. I looove mexican food! There's nothing like it! And that margarita....yes, please!! Have a great Tuesday!

    Kristin xxxxx