Thursday, May 27, 2010

What I'm Loving this Week

I heart this mother child necklace

I heart this card

I heart these adorable burp cloths

I really heart these glass bottles
I heart this pendant as yes on December 10, 2010 we will be welcoming a lil bundle of joy!


  1. Heidi!!!!!!!! Congratulations honey!! I am so so so excited for you! I am posting this via blackberry which I normally never do but I was so thrilled when I saw your post I had to run over. I will email you tomorrow when I get home. Big happy hugs sweetie xoxoxo

  2. This post was soo adorable! I love your blog!!

  3. Ooh, I love everything that you found!! What a great way to share your exciting news! :)

  4. What a cute way of revealing the great news! I am so happy for you! I love those bottles - so cute. I like the idea of keeping motherhood trendy! :) You are going to be such a cute mom! - and a wonderful one, too! Congratulations!!!

  5. CONGRATS! Is it your first? So exciting...A December baby, what a perfect gift.

  6. I am WAY behind, but CONGRATS!!!!!!