Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks

There are so many things that I have been blessed with this year. Since, Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, I felt it was only appropriate to reflect on several life and also guilty pleasures that have brought me happiness this year.

I am thankful for my job as I can honestly say I love going to work every day. okay 90% on some days!
I am thankful for a healthy pregnancy {I still have to pinch myself that is actually happened. speaking of which I only have 2.5 weeks left! Needless, to say there may be a slight break in the frequency of posts in the upcoming weeks}
I am thankful for thoughtful gestures
I am thankful for humidifiers - simply amazing how much better I feel in the morning when we run our humidifier at night.
I am thankful for the joy that my nieces and nephew bring me.
I am thankful for Target- after all it's my form of therapy {anyone else here with me on this one?}lol
I am thankful for the Sunday chats that I have with my best friends
I am thankful for my husband even when he gives me "budget speeches" Did I mention Target is my form of therapy?

So no matter where you are, what you are going through or have gone through this past year, the good, the bad, things that may or may not have gone accordingly to " our plan" know that someone, somewhere is thankful for you and all that you are!


  1. So happy you had such a healthy pregnancy! love your thankful list. (:

  2. Heidi,

    I love your posts about Target and how it is your "therapy." No matter if If am in a Target in NJ, NYC, or any other state, for some reason when I walk into Target it fully reminds me of the good ol' Midwest, specifically ND. And it just brings a smile to my face and I immediately feel at home. I get joy going to each department and love finding awesome sales at the end-caps, in which they place their clearance merchandise. Target rocks! And btw, have you tried their popcorn? So yummy! My sister recently introduced me to their snack pack of red pepper hummus and sea salt pita chips at their snack bar-so good!! Can you tell, I am just a little obsessed with Target??


  3. It always helps to write down what we're thankful for - makes us appreciate our blessings all the more. love this time of year:)

  4. Beautiful post!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Warm hugs to you! xxoo :)