Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One Month to Go!

I can't believe I am due in one month from today 12.10.10! Yikes! I can honestly say for the most part I have loved this journey. Don't get me wrong there have been tears when one day a shirt would fit and the next week forget about it or the fact that I don't even want to know how much I have spent on bras!
But, for expecting for the first time and not really knowing what are some "must have" items I have fallen in love with these following pregnancy items

A wonderful read especially for first time mommies! This was given to me as a gift and I love reading a new chapter every week.

I have never laughed so hard and this book made getting through the first trimester a little bit easier! I have also been giving this as a gift to all my expecting friends.
Love this Mama Bee belly balm to help moisturize my tummy area. It is all natural, no awful smell, and its non greasy. Found at all drug stores. So far no tummy marks!

Citizen by Humanity petite maternity bootcut jeans. At first I felt guilty for splurging on designer jeans but oh my gosh.. hands down the best purchase ever. They have been worth every single penny!

oh and did I mention watermelon, string cheese (esp at 2am when I wake up starving), and mac n cheese have been my most favorite food items.

For those of you that may be expecting or already have a little one what are/ were some of your favorite pregnancy items?

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