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Guest Blogger: Boy and Girl Room Ideas

Today, I am featuring Ms. Eva as a guest blogger who specializes in home interior design. Today, she is sharing with us some non typical room ideas for boy and girls. I hope you enjoy!

Go Beyond “Pink is For Girls, Blue is For Boys” Bedroom Decoration
Hello everyone. I am Eva Stephen and I am feeling so excited to be at Cherry Blossoms. Thanks to Heidi who gave me an opportunity to talk to her readers. I always look for new and different ideas to style living spaces. I hope all the boys and girls like my ideas and share their thoughts in the comments section. You may also see me at Google+and @EvaStephen1.
Sometimes it is difficult to figure out whether girls love pink and boys love blue because that’s somehow inherent, or because parents often choose these colours for them without much planning. It’s only natural that pink is for princesses, and blue for little rascals, right?

Wrong. When you look at children dressed in vibrant yellow, mysterious purple, lively green and all other wonderful shades of different colours, it’s a little sad to be missing out on such variety of visual delight.

The same goes for colours in your children’s bedrooms. Use them, don’t miss out on the colourful fun.

Hot Tips for Girls’ Room

Would you say that this was a girl’s or a boy’s room?

Though blue walls might trick us for a second, there’s no doubt this is a tidy girl’s room. Butterflies, gentle white canopy, purple picture frame and flowers on the nightstand are subtle, stylish, but obvious enough hints that tell us a girl occupies this place. Maybe a teenager, because there is no sign of childish toys scattered around.

Now let’s take a look at this bold and modern approach to a girl’s room decoration:

Modern design of this bedroom’s furniture  is well balanced with wardrobe hearts, books and stuffed toys. This, again, cannot be mistaken for a small child’s bedroom, but it is a very stylish and beautiful primary or high school kid’s sanctuary. Check out some latest collection of children’s beds from Shop 4 Furniture.

Let’s not ban pink!

If your girl simply adores pink, why not succumb to her wishes? There are a million ways to use this worn out colour in a trendy, interesting way.

Use white, purple or even green and blue to interfere with too much pink, place unexpected object on walls, experiment with bed design and you’ll get a wonderfully delightful girl’s bedroom.What do boys want Boys usually want either a treasure island adventure, a dangerous pirate chase or a warfare right there in the middle of their bedroom. You don’t even have to have any imagination, just listen to what your child wants. A bed in the shape of a car? Not impossible. Walls covered with life size animals? Done. Spiderman webs hanging from the ceiling? Piece of cake. If you are not concerned about your budget, you’d want to equip your son’s bedroom with the latest technology gadgets, not only so that your boy can brag to his friends, but also to be able to learn new things. Innovative things can be as good or as bad as you let them. Check out some cool gadgets for boys from Boys Stuff

That means you should not let your kid spend all day playing violent computer games, but you should spend time teaching him about remote planets using a telescope, playing educational interactive games, etc.

Thematic decoration

There are more frugal ways to have an equally “educational” and entertaining bedroom. You can buy inexpensive rugs, wall stickers, posters and toys (or make some of this yourself) that would fit in with your boy’s interest. If he’s into asking questions about the far-away lands, he might enjoy spending time in something like this:

If he is a future football player celebrity, you’d want to make sure his walls are covered with posters of famous football players, his rug has his favourite team’s flag pattern and his alarm clock is in the shape of a football.

Decorating a children’s bedroom can be lots of fun for the whole family. You just need to think outside the box and listen to what your child wants. Forget about tradition and let fantasy be your guide.

Thanks Eva for your post! 
These are definitely some amazing rooms!


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